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Santa Parade

West Overland Firefighters have established stops at convenient locations throughout the fire district in areas North and South of the Fire Station, with a few exceptions. These locations will be clearly marked with a “Santa Stops Here” sign. We have provided a list of stops for the two Saturdays that Santa will be out and about within our fire district. Each route takes about 6 hours to complete. With 22 stops per day, this would equate to approximately 16 minutes per stop. Some stops are longer and some are shorter so exact times are very difficult to predict.


Safety and security are our primary concerns for our children, residents and personnel. We are sorry that we are unable to travel down each and every street within the district. Some streets are dead ends, making them difficult to traverse with large trucks and trailers. Some streets are too dangerous for children and our personnel due to the amount of traffic and the traffic speeds. Midland, Adie and Ashby are prime examples of busy roads that we consider too great of a risk for Santa Stops. Please feel free to walk or transport your children to one of our many stopping points along Santa’s journey. We ask that if you drive to a “Santa Stops Here” location, to please respect the neighborhood and leave ample room for our apparatus and residents to pass through.

Please have a very Safe and Happy Holiday!

Chief Gregory S. Vogel



Santa stops

2017 Santa Detail North

·      1st stop @ Bruno and Harriet Walk

·      2nd stop on Bellecote and Thorpe

·      3rd stop 10600 block of Decker

·      4th stop at Bellecote and Wurdack

·      5th stop @ 10600 block of Clarendon

·      6th stop in Oak Point

·      7th stop @ 10600 block of Farview

·      8th stop @, 10600 block of Hobday

·      9th stop @ Lansing and Hobday

·      10th stop @ Lansing and Mert

·      11th stop @ 10600 block of Mert

·      12th stop @ Ridgecrest and Cavan

·      13th stop @ We and Sabourin

·      14th stop @ Graben and We

·      15th stop @ Gertrude and Theresa

·      16th stop @ Florence and Theresa

·      17th stop @ Ivan and Orchard

·      18th stop @ Old St. Charles and Imperial Garden

·      19th stop @ Lee and Dixie

·      20th stop @ Gayle and Dixie

·      21st stop @ Kingbee and Long

·      22nd stop @ Long and Lee


2017 Santa Detail South

·      Start at 2101 Warson

·      1st stop @ Cinnamon and Clematis

·      2nd stop @ 10500 block Emerald Ridge

·      3rd stop @ Prouhet and Canter

·      4th stop @ Briston/Briston Ct.

·      5th stop @ Oak and Fowler

·      6th stop @ Maddox and Fowler

·      7th stop @ Scotland and Driver

·      8th stop @Driver and Lochness

·      9th stop @ Scotland and Lochness

·      10th stop @ Niblic and Hennepin

·      11th stop @ Waycroft and Fayview

·      12th stop @ Waycroft and Bruno

·      13th stop in middle of Buller

·      14th stop @ Half Moon and Sandra Sue/Clear Skies

·      15th stop @ Clear Skies and Rustic Ridge

·      16th stop @ Brouster and Van Cleve

·      17th stop @ middle of 2700 block of West Pasture

·      18th stop @ E. Pasture and Middle Pasture

·      19th stop in corner of 2600 block of Midland Ridge

·      20th stop @ Frances and Bruno

·      21st stop @ 2700 block Bruno 

EMS Patient Satisfaction


The West Overland EMS and Fire Protection District is committed to providing the best patient care and emergency response for our citizens and guests. In the event you have been treated or transported by West Overland Fire Protection District, we are greatly interested in your experience. Please contact our office to share your comments. 314-428-6069

Missouri American Water Grant

West Overland is honored to accept a grant from Missouri American Water which was used to puchase new thermal imaging cameras!!  We are so excited to have this equipment to help save lives in our community and improve firefighter saftey.