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Covid 19

St Louis County and the Health Department has put out a phone number to call if you believe you're having flu symptoms. This number will refer you to the appropriate resources based on your symptoms. 


Fever, cough or short of breath?


North 314-653-5000

Mid 314-747-3000

West 314-251-0500

South 314966-9666

General questions?



or go to




If you are having severe difficulty breathing or chest pains, call 911, otherwise, avoid the ER's if possible, as there is an extreme influx of patients anticipated.  Together we can get through this.  Follow the guidelines set forth by federal, state and local officials to do your part.  

EMS Patient Satisfaction


The West Overland EMS and Fire Protection District is committed to providing the best patient care and emergency response for our citizens and guests. In the event you have been treated or transported by West Overland Fire Protection District, we are greatly interested in your experience. Please contact our office to share your comments. 314-428-6069