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CO detectors

     Many of our residents may have carbon monoxide detectors that were provided by the fire department (West Overland) through a federal grant. These detectors have reached their end of service life after 7 years. You may notice a chirp every 30 seconds and the word "End" appearing on the display. Replacing the battery will NOT reset the detector, it will continue to sound.


     You may dispose of these detectors and West Overland recommends the purchase of a new detector. Unfortunately, West Overland does not have any replacement detectors at this time. We will be diligently working on a new grant for future purchases. New carbon monoxide detectors may be purchased at Menards, Brannekey's, Lowes, Home Depot or online. 








EMS Patient Satisfaction


The West Overland EMS and Fire Protection District is committed to providing the best patient care and emergency response for our citizens and guests. In the event you have been treated or transported by West Overland Fire Protection District, we are greatly interested in your experience. Please contact our office to share your comments. 314-428-6069